First blog post

Who I am... Just a busy, crazy momma living' life to it's fullest in a small Alberta town.


No More Shampoo

I am always looking for new ways to eliminate the amount of chemicals in mine and my family's life. I have used Dr Bronner's and essential oils to clean for almost 2 decades. I have recently switched to 100% Pure cosmetics, which I love! And since the end of March, I have stopped shampooing my …

Adding a 4th

With the fast approaching arrival of our fourth baby and not much interest in our house that's up for sale; we have decided to come up with plan B and C. Now the real question is: what do you do with 4 little rugrats. Well, you stack them of course! My challenge is having a …

The Boho Baby Momma

Welcome to my page where you can read about me ramble, find out what I'm up to and learn how I am about to squeeze 4 children, a hubby, a dog and a cat into a 3 bedroom, one bath, 1300 sq foot beautiful old heritage home. It should be fun regardless!